Nationalist monk assured no harm will come to country or religion


The country’s Big Boss is said to have had a rendezvous with a prominent Buddhist monk spearheading a nationalist movement in the country at a city temple recently.

The Big Boss had held a lengthy discussion on a wide-ranging issues of national and religious significance with the monk at this meeting. A leading critic of this government, the monk had sought clarification of the government’s stand on many issues. The Big Boss had also dispelled certain misconceptions entertained by him relating to court cases against ‘war heroes’ and the Constitutional reforms now being considered.

At the conclusion of the discussion that lasted for about one and half hours, the Buddhist monk had advised the Big Boss not to take any action prejudicial to the interests of the religion, the country and the nation. The Big Boss had assured the monk that it was the policy of his government to safeguard the interests of the country and religion

– Dailymirror 2016-08-03 –